trend micro home install

How to install trend micro home for Windows?

Learn how to install trend micro home program. This article is applicable to the following scenarios:

  • Upgrading from an old version to the latest Trend Micro Security version
  • Transferring Trend Micro Security antivirus to a new computer
  • Accidentally uninstalled Trend Micro Security
  • Lost Trend Micro Security during system restore
  • Hard drive crashed, replaced or formatted
  • The computer was replaced or switching pc
  • The operating system was reinstalled or upgraded
  • Installing without a disc
  • Reinstallation of the program


About TrendMicro

As per Wikipedia, In June 2008, Trend Micro introduced Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, a cloud-client content security infrastructure that delivers global threat intelligence to protect customers from online threats, such as data-stealing malware, phishing attacks, and another web, email, and mobile threats. In 2012, Trend Micro added big data analytics to its Smart Protection Network. Big data analytics allow the network to use behavioral-based identification methods to identify new security threats. The network also combines in-the-cloud technologies with other client-based antivirus technologies to reduce dependency on conventional pattern file downloads on the endpoint. Threat information from Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Network is deployed in real-time to the company’s security software portfolio. Trend Micro’s report on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation showed an increase in extortion attempts as organizations try to comply with EU privacy laws.


Steps for trend micro home install

  • You will get better performance and protection when you install the latest version of your Trend Micro Security program. The program upgrade is free as long as you have a valid subscription:
  • Get a copy of your serial number
  • Make sure your computer meets the system requirements
  • Uninstall your current Trend Micro Security program
  • Download the installer file to begin the installation.
  • Serial Number Starts with an ‘X’
  • Serial Number Starts with a ‘P’
  • Serial Number Starts with an ‘A’
  • Serial number starts with ‘TO/TA’
  • You can visit Best Buy’s Geek Squad if you need further assistance.
  • Double-click the installer to run it.
  • Click Yes when the User Account Control window appears.
  • Wait for the installer to extract the files needed for the installation.
  • Wait as the installer checks your computer
  • Wait as Trend Micro checks if your computer is compatible for installation.
  • Checking the computer
  • Type your serial number, then click Next.
  • Choose your version
  • Read the Privacy and Personal Data Collection Disclosure
  • Read Privacy and Personal Data Collection Disclosure, then click Next.
  • Read the License Agreement, then click Agree and Install.
  • Wait as the Trend Micro program finishes installing
  • Wait for the program to install. This may take a couple of minutes.
  • Click Finish.
  • Protection Activated
  • After activating, you will see the main console of Trend Micro Security.
  • Your protection upon installation is configured for optimum protection so you don’t need to do anything.